Zungle Viper Review

Today was the day… I finally received my new bone conduction sunglasses Zungle Viper for testing and review purposes. Man, I have been looking forward to that one! Being a writer and reviewer of bone conduction products for a few years now, this product could be the real game changer when talking about bone conduction glasses in general and bone conduction sunglasses in particular! Until now I have never been a big fan of these glasses since the quality has always been low compared to the quality of headphones like the AfterShokz… I am now thinking about some of the first generation Zungle sunglasses, the Vue glasses which have disappeared in oblivion and the Buhel SO05 whose sound leakage was incredible. But the information and updates about these products: the Zungle Viper and the Zungle Lynx were very promising! So time to test this hopefully astonishing piece of technology… behold my Zungle Viper Review. The Zungle Viper is in fact the improved version and successor of the Zungle Panther bone conduction sunglasses. Zungle took into account the reviews and feedback of its users on the Panther and started working on an enhanced product, which is the Zungle Viper aka Zungle … Continue reading Zungle Viper Review