This question is perhaps the most frequently asked question when we think about buying bone conduction headphones. And it is a valid question of course, because you’re going to use the headphones after all to make conversations and to listen to music. All you want is acceptable sound quality. We can inform you that the sound quality of bone conduction headsets nowadays almost equals the sound quality of traditional headphones. There may still be a small difference and you will also to turn the volume slightly louder, but the difference is negligible.

Thanks to the success of this technology, the sound quality and wearing comfort has significantly enhanced over the years, making bone conduction headset sound quality almost as good as classic headphones. It still depends from one brand to another of course, but if you go for well-known brands like AfterShokz, you can be ensured you get the best bone conduction quality and sound. One side note, if you only care about sound quality and not about the other advantages of bone conduction, we would advise you to go for a non bone conduction headphone because there will always be a difference in sound quality.