The latest Zungle bone conduction sunglasses model, also called music sunglasses, is the Zungle Viper. Zungle managed to seriously enhance its previous bone conduction sunglasses the Zungle Panther by adding several innovating updates, features and functionalities. These bone conduction sunglasses have proven to be the first real music sunglasses that do what they should do. The Zungle Viper are the best bone conduction sunglasses currently on the market.

Features AfterShokz Trekz Air

  • ZUNGLE Music Sunglasses V2, Viper is a pair of sunglasses with built-in bone conduction Bluetooth speakers.
    • The bone conduction speakers transmit sound waves by sending vibrations through your skull.
    • * AI Assistance Control / Music / Phone Calls Available.
  • ZUNGLE Viper, is a useful device optimized for outdoor activities.
  • ZUNGLE Viper, activates AI Voice Assistance from any smart device with one-click.
  • Compared to V1, Panther, ZUNGLE Music Sunglasses V2, Viper, improved its sound quality and fit. (For more info: check Zungle Panther vs Zungle Lynx)
  • ZUNGLE Music Sunglasses is a wearable device that’s actually fashionable.
  • Usage
    • You can listen to music through the Viper while you’re protecting eyes from the UV rays.
    • One-click access to newly added A.I. Voice Assistant (Siri, Google Assistant, etc.), music, and phone calls.
    • The bone conduction speakers with open ears enable safer outdoor activities. (Biking, running, etc.) You can be aware of your surroundings such as upcoming cars or warnings from a passerby.
    • With Bluetooth 5.0 connection, it is compatible to any device (Smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.).
  • Sound
    • Compared to V1, Panther, Viper has upgraded its sound quality.
    • The speaker is newly equipped with the Vibra dual-spring bone conduction speaker system.
    • The speaker is relocated close to the ear(temple) for powerful sound delivery and less sound leakage.
    • Sound leakage is trivial for outdoor activities.
  • Design
    • Viper lengthened the temple of the glasses to provide a more comfortable and secure fit.
    • The snug fit is necessary to deliver proper bone conduction sound and to stay in place during activities.
    • Compared to V1, Viper’s frame and the legs of the glasses are sleeker and thinner.
  • Safety Issue & Durability
    • Less than 1-hour charge for 4-hour durability.
    • Pogo Pin charging: Enhanced the sweat resistant Level (IPX 4 – OK for light rain, sweat, and water splash)


The specifications of the ZUNGLE Viper and ZUNGLE Lynx 

Size/Weight 142x50x161 (mm)/50g
Colors 3 frame colors/8 lens colors
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0 (A2DP profile)

Wireless Range: 30 feet/10 meters

Compatibility Any device with built-in Bluetooth and communication function
Battery Standby TIME 100 hours/Playtime 4 hours

Two 3.7 v 120mAh Lithium Polymer Batteries

Charging time Less than 1 hour via Pogo pin
Resistant to sweat/rain IPX4
What you get? ZUNGLE Viper (or Lynx), Pogo-pin charger, Soft case, cleaning cloth, manual & Warranty

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