Simple, turn up the volume. The use of bone conduction requires more volume than classic headphones to be able to enjoy your music in the best way possible. Turn the volume gradually louder… and you will immediately notice an improved sound experience. Your bone conduction headphone is normally delivered with detailed instructions that clearly tell you how to experience the best sound.

For the ultimate sound quality, the placement of your bone conduction headphones is of course also crucial. After all, you place the headphone ears on another spot than the traditional headset ears. Move the headphone up and down along the jaw bones until the sound sounds perfect. For most people, the ideal place is directly on the jaw bone and just before the opening of your outer ear.

Listening to music in crowded places or places with lots of noise. Because bone conduction does not cover your ears, one of the great advantages, you will still hear the ambient noise. If this noise is very loud, it will also be difficult to hear the sound from the bone conduction headphones. When choosing bone conduction headphones you primarily choose for safety and comfort and only secondly for an outstanding sound quality. Although current bone conduction headphones almost equal the sound quality of traditional headphones. For more info check: Are bone conduction headphones good enough yet?