Zungle Viper Package
Zungle Viper Package

I am a real sunglasses fanatic! I must have about 20 pair of sunglasses in all shapes and sizes… as well for formal as for more informal occasions. As soon as the sun says hello to me during the early spring months I am only going out accompanied by my favourite partner; one of my sunglasses. On my quest looking for a new pair this summer I bumped into a brand called Zungle. In comparison to my traditional pairs of sunglasses, Zungle offered a new kind of sunglasses which could be described as music sunglasses or even smart glasses. Zungle took the best of both worlds, sunny days and music, and transformed them into some good-looking music sunglasses which can be used for any occasion and which can match any type of clothing.

Bone conduction music sunglasses

At first, I was a bit doubtful… but since I am always looking for the most trendy and innovative sunglasses on the market I decided to buy me a pair of these innovative music sunglasses. The Zungle Viper and Zungle Lynx, the two new Zungle music glasses, make use of a technology called bone conduction. Bone conduction is a safe way to listen to music because the ears remain open so you can hear your surroundings while listening to music. The sound itself is sent through your jaw bone to your inner ear. It sounds quite complicated but it’s in fact a technology which was already used by the deaf Beethoven a few hundred years ago. As said I was a bit doubtful about the quality of these music sunglasses but that doubt has completely disappeared. The quality of the sound almost equals the quality of my classic headphones and the bone conductions sunglasses itself make me look quite handsome… so mission accomplished!

Oh yeah… these music sunglasses work via Bluetooth and can also be referred to as smart glasses because you can also answer calls via the frame and even use them to ask questions to Siri or Google Assistant. When ordering you can choose the frame and lens color.

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