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Aeropex Mini released by AfterShokz

Taking into account your customers’ feedback… that’s what AfterShokz is doing and that’s why they released their new AfterShokz Aeropex Mini. Some people were looking for the likes of a smaller Aeropex, similar to what we had in the AferShokz Titanium era. The titanium also had a normal and a mini version. The Aeropex Mini has all the features of the high-end and high-quality Aeropex, only the frame is a bit smaller. The release is now surprise for us because these headphones were for the first time presented on CES 2020 beginning of this year.

The difference between the Aeropex Mini and the Aeropex

Head size…differs from one person to another. Although the Aeropex was intended to suit them all, AfterShokz did get some feedback of people the frame at the back was slightly too long. AfterShokz took away this feedback and developed a new shorter Aeropex featuring all the magnificent features and functionalities of the globally admired and loved Aeropex.

So 8 hours of battery life, a waterproof IP 67 construction (submersible for max 30 minutes up to one meter depth) and of course the premium pitch bone conduction 2.0+ technology which makes AfterShokz the best of the bone conduction class. The only difference is the size of the frame. The smaller Aeropex has a frame which is 0.5 inch (1,27 cm) smaller.

Aeropex Mini: smaller frame size
Aeropex Mini: smaller frame size

Which Aeropex do I need?

Now AfterShokz has released the smaller version of its top model the next logic question will probably be: which Aeropex do I need? Will the Aeropex Mini or the classic Aeropex fit me the best? To help you decide which bone conduction headphones will become your partner in bone conduction crime AfterShokz published a size guide. In short, the intent is to measure the back from your head from one ear to the other one. This can be done with measuring tape but also with for example a cable or any other household tool which is suitable for this task. Next you use AfterShokz’ ruler to determine whether you need a classic Aeropex or a Mini.

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Please click here to download the Aeropex vs Aeropex Mini size measurement document!

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