The benefits of bone conduction

In our previous article we extensively explained the secrets, techniques and workings of bone conduction (read the article here), now it is time to explore the benefits of bone conduction as a whole and bone conduction headphones in particular. There are 3 main benefits of bone conduction headphones responsible for the tremendous increase in popularity the past few years, forcing the traditional headphones to leave the stage for good.

Bone conduction headphones for running
Bone conduction headphones for running

Benefits of bone conduction: ambient noise

Once you understand the operation of bone conduction, you will also understand that this technique is all about keeping the ears free. Bone conduction headphones are the ideal solution for those wanting to stay in contact with their surroundings. Ideal for drivers in their car or a biker who has to cross busy streets all the time while talking to a friend or listening to music. Bone conduction headphones are also ideal for runners or hikers who want to listen to music, but also wish to get astonished by the magical sounds of nature. A double dose of relaxation! It will not come as a surprise that the manufacturers of these headphones mainly target athletes in various types of sports.

Benefits of bone conduction: Perfect for near-sighted or blind people

A benefit which is often overlooked, is that bone conduction headphones can be a big help and support for the blind or near-sighted. For them, hearing is the primary sense of trust when trying to get an idea of their surroundings. Every little piece of audio that was missed, can be the start of serious problems or danger; when they need to cross a road for example. Bone conduction headphones are an ideal solution for these circumstances because in this case the blind or near-sighted will not loose contact with their surroundings. With bone conduction headphones available on the market these days, they can even be used to transfer real-time information about public transport, the weather, the news,… Near-sighted or blind people can enhance their autonomy and their quality of life considerably thanks to bone conduction.

The AfterShokz headphones ensure safe and comfortable hiking
The AfterShokz headphones ensure safe and comfortable hiking

Benefits of bone conduction: wearing comfort

Last but not least the wearing comfort should be added to the list of benefits of bone conduction. You are not the first one and will not be the last one who has a real disgust of those troublesome earplugs which are delivered as an accessory with your MP3 or similar devices. The in-ears never fit your ears as they should, they tend to fall out, they are either too big or too small, they itch,…the list of unpleasant characteristics of earplugs goes on and on. Thanks to bone conduction all those unpleasant and irritating side-effects are a thing of the past, because the actual bone conduction ears are worn in front of the ear. Isn’t that great?

In a nutshell, bone conduction headphones deliver a new type of experience which we could describe as heightened sound reality; no earplugs, but instead the freedom to experience music while still being able to hear your surroundings.

Do you use bone conduction headphones or have you ever tested one? Tell us about your experiences and share them with the bone conduction community so we can keep improving this technology.. because sharing is caring!

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    Thanks for the interesting articles! I have bought my AfterShokz Trekz Air based on your info and so far I am a happy person! Bone conduction headphones rock for me. 🙂

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    Tekt provides Smart and Connected-enabled devices that are changing how consumers communicate with and endure their brand.

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