The future: Vue Bone conduction glasses and sunglasses

Vue bone conduction eyeglasses

If we are talking about bone conduction then we are automatically seduced to look at the future. The possibilities of bone conduction are indeed unlimited and more and more companies have already stepped onto the bone conduction train and have started to implement this wondrous technology in their personal products and services. Some with worldwide success, others with limited success. During several Internet browsing sessions, there was one name and one company that, with their bone conduction technology approach, managed to win our hearts right away. The company is known by the name Vue and their products are intelligent bone conduction glasses and bone conduction sunglasses.

Vue has an ongoing crowdfunding and Kickstarter program and already managed to collect more than $2 million. Money enough to produce the first bone conduction eyeglasses and to start the actual production in March 2018. In addition to the Kickstarter program, which allows you to order bone conduction glasses or bone conduction sunglasses at a reduced price, Vue also has a nice website:

Vue bone conduction eyeglasses and sunglasses

At Vue, initially it is all about classic eyeglasses. You can therefore order Vue glasses which match your doctor’s specifications. Whether it are prescribed glasses, Plano glasses or sunglasses. However, people without vision problems can also order bone conduction sunglasses at Vue. We would not only go for Vue eyeglasses and sunglasses because of the incorporated state-of-the-art technology, but also because they look fancy, cool and trendy. Each of the Vue glasses features integrated bone conduction technology that will allow your glasses to do much more than just stopping the sun’s dangerous UV-rays or enhancing your eyesight.

Interested to find out what these eyeglasses and sunglasses might mean for you? Time to take a look at the features and functionalities of the Vue bone conduction sunglasses and eyeglasses.

The operation of Vue
The Functionality of Vue

Bone conduction glasses and sunglasses: Features and Functionalities

Never lose your glasses

Ah, it happens to everyone. Sometimes it seems like a dark force has swallowed your glasses. Vue has kept this in mind and developed the “Find My glasses” feature. An app on your smartphone that tells you exactly where your bone conduction eyeglasses or bone conduction sunglasses are located. Done with the searching quest headaches! Thanks Vue!

Vue Find My Glasses
Vue Find My Glasses app

Let the beat control your body

Vue uses the well-known bone conduction audio-technologies to send stereo sound through the frame of the glasses and through your jaw bones to your inner ear without using ordinary earplugs. Your ears remain free at all times so you can listen to music, answer calls and even get notifications through your glasses without missing the ambient noise.

If you want more info about the exact operation of bone reduction, please read our article ‘ What is bone conduction? ‘.

Using your bone conduction eyeglasses via Touch

Vue allows you to navigate through the various menus and to perform specific actions by making use of the frame. The arms of the frame are equipped with touch interface technology, allowing you for example to take an incoming call by simply tapping the frame once. The Vue has no buttons or ports, so the bone conduction experience is as smooth as possible.

Simply tap the frame to take a call

Touch Vue to operate
Touch Vue to use your Vue bone conduction eyeglasses

or swipe to browse through your favorite songs

Vue swipe to browse through your songs
Vue swipe to browse through your songs

A customized bone conduction experience

The frame of your bone conduction sunglasses or bone conduction glasses can be fully customized to meet your own desires and expectations. Use the app to fully customize the bone conduction eyeglasses. You can for example choose whether you want to be informed about the weather, the current time, the items on your agenda,… .

Battery life extension thanks to On Detection

The Vue bone conduction glasses only turn on when actually being worn and immediately switch off when you lay them down to extend the battery life.

Vue automatically turns on when you set it up
Vue automatically turns on when you put them on

Innovative Way of charging

When was the last time you charged your glasses or sunglasses via USB? To be honest, we have never done this so far. To make you life as smooth as possible Vue developed a simple way of charging. You put your glasses at night in the supplied eyeglass box and your Vue does the rest. The bone conduction eyeglasses and bone reduction sunglasses are automatically charged via an integrated USB port. After charging the battery, your Vue can be worn for another week without recharge.

Enhanced safety thanks to Vue bone conduction sunglasses and glasses

Thanks to bone conduction sunglasses and bone conduction glasses, Vue ensures that you as a pedestrian, cyclist or driver can safely hit the streets. Receive personal navigation instructions without having to watch a GPS or smartphone. Vue’s Open Ear technology allows you to listen to navigation, music or calls without having to block the opening of your ears. This allows you to still hear the traffic and the world around you. In addition, the Vue glasses alert you when looking down or when driving too long. Audio and LED notifications help you to keep your focus and to avoid accidents so that you drive home safe and sound.

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