Bye bye speakers, welcome bone conduction on Samsung Galaxy

samsung galaxy s10 bone conduction

When browsing through our blog articles it will immediately become clear bone conduction is not only a technology of the future but also a technology of today. Bone conduction technology has so far been successfully integrated into headphones, sunglasses and bike helmets…and the next step seems to be the world of smartphones. Recent news has revealed the intent of Samsung to start using bone conduction with all future smartphones. Samsung even composed a team of Samsung and Korean LG experts to investigate the technology and the ideal way to apply bone conduction to its smartphones. Will we soon start buying a bone conduction Samsung Galaxy S10 or a bone conduction Samsung Galaxy Note 10?

Sound via vibrations

Samsung would like to use bone conduction in order to produce the first full screen smartphones. Nowadays all smartphones have a so-called notched design whereby the front screen needs to have some room for the speaker and the camera. Bone conduction nevertheless transmits sound via vibrations through the skull of a human being making speakers abundant and allowing future Samsung smartphone designs to be more stylish and neat. To properly transmit the sound the user needs to gently push his or her smartphone against his or her skull. Whomever has worn bone conduction headphones like the AfterShokz Trekz Air or the AfterShokz Trekz Titanium perfectly knows we are talking about tiny vibrations which are barely noticeable by the user.

According to various experts it is with high certainty Samsung will equip its future smartphones with the innovating bone conduction technology. They even expect the first bone conduction smartphones to come onto the market in 2019. Since most sources refer to the 2nd half of 2019 we strongly believe the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could be the first bone conduction host. If the technology would nevertheless be introduced first half of 2019 the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be the likely winner.

Bone conduction technology in AfterShokz Headphones

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2 thoughts on “Bye bye speakers, welcome bone conduction on Samsung Galaxy

  1. Mark B says:

    The Sharp Aquos Crystal phone did the bone conduction of the sound through the screen a couple years back. I used the phone for about a year and couldn’t complain about the experience at all.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Mark, thanks for your message. That’s something I didn’t know… always nice to hear some unknown bone conduction related news 🙂 . I expect bone conduction or some related alternatives like sound on display (which uses in fact the same technology) to appear on many future smartphones. Fingers crossed because bone conduction on smartphones would allow full screen displays (read no speakers). Regards, Wim

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