From 3d sound to bone conduction… 2018 trends


Vinyls, cassettes, CDs… it’s still ringing a bell for those being in their thirties, but for the teenagers of today these terms might sound like Chinese. Music nowadays is experienced in a whole new way thanks to the existence of so-called digital music. Not only the music itself, but also the devices which we use to listen or record music have been subject to radical changes. Moreover, the music and technology industry continue to evolve, so seeing the forest for the trees is not always that easy. To give you a ‘virtual’ hand we are putting some 2018 music trends and related technology trends in the spotlight:

2018 Trends: 3d Sound

Nowadays 360 sound or 3d sound and videos are the preferred format for every audio and video trendsetter and trendwatcher. The experience with this kind of sound is immensely realistic and particularly unique. Thanks to the positioning of certain sound elements in a three-dimensional space, 3d sound gives you the feeling that you are part of a movie or game. You hear a sound and know exactly where your opponent is located. Nowadays there are also 3d headsets that even intensify this unique ‘being part of the game / movie’ experience. 3d Headsets use VR technology to create real-life situations. 3d sound is increasingly used in the film, music and gaming industry. We are forecasting a spectacular growth of this trend in 2018.

Trends for 2018: Bone conduction

People are always looking for better audio experiences, but at the same time they want to be able to do or to hear multiple things at once, and that’s when bone conduction might be the right answer to their questions and concerns. Bone conduction is a technology whereby the sound is transmitted through the jaw bones right to the inner ear. This keeps your ears free allowing you to hear ambient noises and sounds. Bone conduction headphones have never been so popular and their popularity will only increase in 2018. They are the ideal headphones for active persons who likes to walk, cycle, do winter sports,… For people who have a good reason to keep their ears free, bone conduction headphones are the ideal solution.

At we have already tested several bone conduction headphone models. Our favourite models are without doubt the AfterShokz Trekz Air, the AfterShokz Trekz Titanium and the LF-19 bone conduction headphones. Take a look at our reviews for more detailed information. Product-S. Wear LF-19 Bone Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headsets BT 4.1 Waterproof Neck-Strap Earphones Bone Reduction headsets hands-free

2018 Trends: wireless technology

As could be expected, we also foresee a further evolution and enhancement of wireless audio devices, headsets and headphones. Gone are the days that people still mess with annoying wires and cables. Wireless technology will continue to improve and perfect examples of wireless Bluetooth headphones are once again the AfterShokz Bluetooth headsets and the LF-19 bone conduction headphones.

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

2018 Trends: Noise cancellation headphones

Noise cancellation headphones are becoming more popular every day because they allow people to always listen to music without having to increase the volume. Noise cancellation headphones make use of the noise cancellation technology. This technology is filtering ambient noise allowing listeners to fully immerse themselves into their music. In this case we are talking about so-called active noise cancellation because passive noise cancellation has been there for a long time…just close your ears.

Noise cancellation headphones filter out ambient noise allowing you to enhance your music experience… but this technology does have a second benefit, namely enhancing communication. Examples of this benefit are the AfterShokz and F-19 Bluetooth bone conduction headphones. These bone conduction headphones have two noise cancelling microphones that allow you to make crystal-clear telephone calls by using headset.

2018 Trends: Hearables and smart headphones

In the audio industry, Smart headphones are the pick of the industry. You can compare these smart headphones, also called hearables or smart headsets,  with our smart TVs. It’s all about audio devices which are put on or in the ear and which have various other interesting features and functionalities besides listening to music. Think of hearables who can be used to produce translations, to compensate for hearing loss and to be a personal assistant. Smart headsets are hi-tech audio devices that will help and inform us during our everyday life. A booming market whereby bone conduction will also play an important role. A good example of an interesting hearable is the AlterEgo bone conduction headphones.

2018 Trends: hearables
2018 Trends: hearables

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