LF-19 bone conduction headphones review

lf-19 bluetooth headphones
f-19 bone conduction headphones neatly delivered
f-19 bone conduction headphones neatly delivered

Bone conduction headphones are more than AfterShokz headphones alone. This brand remains without doubt the current market leader and if we have to be 100% honest with you the quality is still unrivaled, but nevertheless we see some serious competitors popping up online. AfterShokz be warned! Bone conduction and the bone conduction technology are to our humble opinion the future music in the headphones world and we are apparently not the only one with this idea. Because we want to give our visitors an honest and general idea of ​​what is going on in the world of bone conduction in general and Bluetooth headphones in particular, we are not only testing AfterShokz models but we also subjected the LF-19 bone conduction headphones to a thorough test. We contacted the company S.Wear and about two weeks later we neatly received these brand new headphones. Ready to rumble and test!

The packaging and accessories of the LF-19 bone conduction headphones

The LF-19, as can be seen in the picture, is delivered neatly in a firm and good-looking package. Both the packaging and the accompanying accessories are professional and very solid. But which accessories do you receive when ordering this Bluetooth headphone? As accessories you will receive, in addition to the headphones themselves of course, earplugs (to be used if there is a lot of ambient noise like on an airport), a decent bag to protect the headphones, a charging cable and a manual.

lf-19 bone conduction headphone accessories
lf-19 bone conduction headphone accessories

For your information: the LF-19 is currently available in 3 different colors:

lf-19 bone conduction headphones colors
lf-19 bone conduction headphones colors

The quality of the sound

In the meantime I have already used the LF-19 6 times, both for music listening and calls, and I must say the overall quality of sound can be rated as good. The sound quality might be slightly lower than the AfterShokz headphones and there is a bit of sound leakage causing bystanders to hear your music sometimes (at AfterShokz this is almost never the case except at a very high volumes). Nevertheless, considering the low price of these bone conduction headphones, you get a sound that is decent and satisfactory. And this as well during walking and cycling as during skiing and snowboarding. We have tested the headset in all these circumstances.

The wearing comfort of the LF-19 bone conduction headphones

If you touch the LF-19 for the first time, you will immediately notice the rather robust plastic cover and frame. A big difference compared to the AfterShokz headphones that feel so much softer and more flexible. However, you can also turn and twist the LF-19 in all directions without damaging it. The actual placement around the head is perfect. It feels slightly heavier and is hanging slightly lower than the AfterShokz models, but this isn’t a too big issue for me. So overall the LF-19 bone conduction headphones are good in terms of wearing comfort. What I did notice is that with a prolonged wear (3 hours or more of continuous wear) the plastic frame starts to feel a little less pleasant on the ears. For example, after 3 hours of cycling, a small irritation of the ears began to occur. I’ve worn the bone conduction headphones for an hour more to test the battery life, but I was glad that my ears were headphone-free again. The irritation disappeared after a few minutes nevertheless, so nothing too serious.

lf-19 bone conduction headphones while cycling (tested on the Mont Ventoux)
lf-19 bone conduction headphones while cycling (tested on the Mont Ventoux)

The battery of the LF-19 bone conduction headphones

If we are to believe the people of S.Wear, a fully charged LF-19 bone conduction headphone will last for 3-5 hours with continuous music. We can only confirm that their promise is correct. I wore the bone conduction headphones during two bike rides of about 4 hours. Both rides I was able to continuously listen to my music and during one ride I also picked up a call and had a telephone conversation. Therefore, as far as the battery life of this Bluetooth headset is concerned, we can only be very satisfied.

The price of the LF-19 bone conduction headphones and our final conclusion

Those who want to buy the LF-19 Bluetooth headphones will have to pay between 60 and 70 dollars or between 48 and 56 euros. This price includes the shipping costs. Compared to the AfterShokz headphones, this means of course a big price difference. For less than half the price of an AfterShokz headphones you have your own bone conduction headset.

Although we put the LF-19 in terms of quality and wearing comfort just below the AfterShokz Trekz Air and AfterShokz Trekz Titanium, these headphones are still a real winner in terms of price-quality. Definitely to consider if you are looking for decent Bluetooth headphones with the benefits of bone conduction whereby you can listen to music and even make decent calls. Are you nevertheless looking for a Bluetooth headphones for a prolonged wear (longer than 3 hours) with increased comfort and the ultimate sound then we would still go for the AfterShokz models.

 Where to buy the LF-19 bone conduction headphones

We have received our LF-19 bone conduction headphones via S.Wear. Both the order and the delivery/shipping process went very smoothly. We have also received an immediate answer to all questions. To buy an S.Wear bone conduction headphone, you can use the below link. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

AliExpress.com Product – S.Wear LF-19 Bone Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headsets BT 4.1 Waterproof Neck-strap earphones Bone Conduction Headsets Hands-free

2 thoughts on “LF-19 bone conduction headphones review

  1. Angelica Cifuentes says:

    Hola, compré por Amazon estos audífonos y los usé una ves, cuando se descargaron lo puse a cargar y no carga, estoy muy decepcionada ? no entiendo qué pasó

    • Admin says:

      Hola Angelica, perdon para mi Español pero no es mi lengua nativa. Perdón por escuchar que tus auriculares no funcionan correctamente. Lamentablemente, no soy el proveedor o el fabricante de estos auriculares. Solo escribo sobre mis experiencias con LF18 y hasta ahora han sido muy positivas. Todavía funciona bien después de unos meses. ¿Has probado otro cable de carga? ¿Has contactado al vendedor de los auriculares? He ordenado mis auriculares de conducción ósea a través de aliexpress a través de S Wear (ver enlace anterior) y ofrecen un soporte bastante bueno.

      ¿Podrías compartir el enlace conmigo donde los compraste? Tal vez pueda pedirle al vendedor una respuesta sobre su problema. Debe tener alguna garantía. Amazon también tiene la posibilidad de hacerle preguntas directamente al vendedor.

      La mejor experiencia que tengo con los auriculares de AfterShokz pero el LF18 debería ser un buen número 3. (AfterShokz Trekz Air y AfterShokz Trekz Titanium siguen siendo los mejores)

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