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Each day again we are surfing on the Internet looking for the most beautiful, best and most innovative products on the bone conduction market. After all, it’s a world full of wonders that keeps surprising us day after day. During one of our bone conduction quests we bumped into the eye-catching and wonderfully designed bone conduction sunglasses of a Korean brand and team. Or to be more precise into a bone conduction sunglasses prototype because this exceptional eyewear will only be available at the end of August. In the meantime we had the pleasure to talk to the CEO himself and we are therefore keen to share his story and his expectations with all of you. After all, we are convinced of the huge bone conduction sunglasses potential… it sounds like the ultimate combination… the sun, the sea, some music… what can go wrong!

Low-quality predecessors: Zungle V1 and Vue

The story of bone conduction sunglasses and glasses is a story that started with the bone conduction glasses and sunglasses of Zungle and Vue. Zungle is still on the market (you will notice in a minute 🙂 ) but the product performance of their V1 and reviews are leaning towards the negative side. Next to Zungle, there was also the promising Vue project: glasses and sunglasses developed with your preferred strength… sounds innovative, no? This brand opened a kickstarter program a few years ago but the planned delivery date is running behind for a few months and according to the latest news (might be rumors) their project might even be stopped completely due to some patent issues with their transducer.

Thorough scientific and medical research

This Korean project is not really comparable with Vue and at first sight it sounds like a much more positive story. We are talking about the Zungle again releasing the Zungle Viper and the Zungle lynx or also called Zungle V2. Although the low performance of the Zungle V1 we strongly believe in this brand and we even think they might become the first company to produce fully-functional bone conduction sunglasses with an exceptional performance. The release of their product is the result of thorough and multi-year scientific, technological and medical research and the result of taking into account the feedback of their V1 users. The company released their V1 last year but honestly admits these sunglasses didn’t meet the required high-standard requirements and expectations. Based on the feedback nevertheless they applied to several experts to enhance their sunglasses and the result is the Zungle Viper and Zungle Lynx. These Vipers are bone conduction sunglasses which clearly show off with their high-quality design and which promise exceptional performance results. The company owner also informed us they have managed to find the so-called sweet spot combined with the right pressure to smoothly transfer the sound to the inner ear. Besides they have tackled the sound leakage issue resulting in less sound leakage than their Viper V1. Our reviews clearly show low-quality bone conduction products like the Zungle sunglasses V1 suffer of severe sound leakage. The company we have spoken to acknowledged this issue and found a solution. Therefore sound leakage on bone conduction sunglasses will be minimal on the next generation of Zungle bone conduction sunglasses. (Although sound leakage can never be fully avoided on bone conduction products). Thanks to this enhanced sound leakage functionality their bone conduction sunglasses should be comparable to the AfterShokz bone conduction headphones.

Zungle Viper and Zungle Lynx… designed by Italian designer

Also patent-wise this company has no obstacles at all. The product and the used transducer are unique and have a valid patent for Europe, Asia and the US. With regard to the sunglasses type or models, the Zungle CEO informed me they are planning to release two bone conduction sunglasses models. The actual design of these sunglasses took place in close cooperation with an italian designer from Milan who is specialized in luxurious eyewear products. Italian and a designer specialized in glasses and sunglasses… that sounds like music to my ears!

Our personal bone conduction sunglasses review

Based on the story of the Zungle CEO, their multi-year research, the specifications and the design of the bone conduction sunglasses we are really looking forward to this product. A pity we aren’t end of August yet. As soon as we have tested the Zungle sunglasses ourselves we will of course inform you and share with you our personal review. At that time we will also reveal  many more details. Ciao e a presto!

UPDATE: In the meantime the Zungle Viper and the Zungle Lynx have been released. You can read my personal review here:

Zungle Viper Review

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