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Bone conduction is the main subject and the main player of the website It’s all about the beats and the bones on this website and blog! This blog has been created to shed some light on a trend of the present and a technology of the future: bone conduction. Throughout the years this technology has proven to be a game changer being used in an increasing number of devices like bone conduction headphones, bone conduction sunglasses, bone conduction helmets and so on. We would like to present to you the latest bone conduction news, extended bone conduction product reviews, new bone conduction kickstarters and much more. Check our website also on a regular basis for interesting and exclusive voucher codes, discounts and promo coupons.

Since is the only blog specifically focusing on bone conduction, we are offered new products for testing on a regular basis. Keep an eye on our website and remember…

It’s all about the beats and the bones!

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Some of our bone conduction reviews

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