Zungle Viper vs Zungle Lynx

zungle lynx

A few months ago, we were happy to announce the global distribution of the new Zungle Music sunglasses. Happy, because it was the first time in bone conduction history that we could announce, present and review bone conduction sunglasses this name worthy. To call them the first real ones is based on an extended Zungle Viper review which you can find here. The looks of the sunglasses are great, the quality is so far outstanding and the used technology does what it needs to do. At higher volumes you still have some sound leakage but that’s the only downside we could find. Past months we have been contacted by www.bone-conduction.com visitors asking about the difference between the Zungle Viper and the Zungle Lynx. Since we have only briefly explained the differences in one of our previous articles, time to publish a proper Zungle Viper vs Zungle Lynx article. This way, you know which one to choose when being in doubt. Sit back and relax… our Zungle Viper vs Zungle Lynx review!

zungle lynx music sunglasses
zungle lynx music sunglasses
zungle viper music sunglasses
zungle viper music sunglasses

Zungle Viper vs Zungle Lynx: similarities

Before highlighting the differences, let’s focus first on the common features and functionalities in our Zungle Viper vs Zungle Lynx review. Because both music sunglasses have a lot in common. As well the Zungle Viper as the Zungle Lynx make use of the improved bone conduction technology. So, both have the new dual-speaker bone conduction system. Besides, the bone conduction transmitter sits close to the ear temple and in front of the ear.. a big difference compared to the Zungle V1 aka Zungle Panther.

Besides using the same technology, also other features like the battery, the battery life, the Bluetooth function, the possibility to call, Google Assistant/Siri compatibility (A.I.) can be found on both smart glasses.

Zungle Viper vs Zungle Lynx: differences

But what about the differences? Well we could say it’s all about the looks when discussing Zungle Viper vs Zungle Lynx. Zungle decided to develop two types of frame to suit all preferences and desires. Therefore, the Zungle Viper has a square frame while the Zungle Lynx has a round frame. Due to this the overall size also differs. But that’s only a matter of millimetres.

We have also received a few other questions with regard to both the Zungle Viper and the Zungle Lynx we would like to answer here:


  • Can prescription lenses be used in the Zungle Viper and the Zungle Lynx?

Yes, one should just visit the local optician and provide him or her the sizes and dimensions of the frame. The standard lenses can be easily replaced by prescription lenses with the same size.

  • Can the lenses of both Zungle music glasses be interchanged?

No, you can’t use a Zungle Viper lens in a Zungle Lynx frame or vice versa. Both Zungle versions use a different frame shape so it’s impossible to interchange lenses.


Zungle Viper vs Zungle Lynx: Summary

Feature Zungle Viper Zungle Lynx
Fit (size) 142mm x 153 mm x 49 mm 142mm x 153 mm x 52 mm
Weight 50 g 50 g
Battery 115 mAh 2 Li-Po Battery 115 mAh 2 Li-Po Battery
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0
Lenses 100% UV400 Protection Lens 100% UV400 Protection Lens
Frame Square Frame Round Frame

Where to buy the Zungle Viper & the Zungle Lynx

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zungle viper
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